Hydroplane Laser Hull Kits

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Remote Control Speedboat Hydroplane Model Hulls

Welcome to our Complete Online Catalog of Model
Hydroplane Kits (Laser Cut Boats)

Build Your Own Custom Raceboat / Speedboat with the Easy to assemble pre-made balsa kits!

We are a laser cutting and engraving company specializing in the RC and hobby industry.
Our goal is to provide you with the best kits, decals and fiberglass Cowlings (coming soon!)
Why go somewhere else when we have it all. Kits are laser cut from high quality Balsa wood
labeled and ready for assembly.

gallery See more pictures and videos of Remote Control Hydroplane raceboats with gasoline engines in action!

Please take a look at the Boat Kits below and check back frequently for future additions as
we are always expanding our inventory of Laser cut boat Kits and More.

NOW convert any paper plans to laser ready CAD files!

Best Selling Boat Hull Kits

Hydroplane Hulls 1982 U55 Oh Boy Oberto 8255

1/ 12

$ 55.00

Hydroplane Hulls 1973 U-8 Redman Framing kit 7132

1/ 8

$ 85.00

Hydroplane Hulls U-1 Atlas Van Lines 1977 Framing kit 7701-123-A

1/ 8

$ 85.00

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Payments by PAYPAL Most of these Wood Boat kits are available in more than one scale.


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